Craft Punk Cookie

Craft Punk started as an open crafts day where we used and waste and foraged materials found around the city.

I wanted to show people that you can turn rubbish into something you can enjoy.

Craft Punk Cookie is a collection of hand made and upcycled curiosities, made using mostly materials that I have found or been saved from landfill.

Born in a field in a festival,  Craft Punk Cookie has been inspired by costumes, face paint and creating something from nothing. I love recycling and amazing people with what you can do with a bit of waste.

I'm a self taught artist. I make clothes, jewellery, masks, and head pieces. All of them are individual and unique, and with a little splash of whimsy. Everyone loves a bit of dressing up, and I like to give people a little window into my life by sharing my kooky style.

Tiny little bottles with teenie tiny treasures inside will make you smile and great presents. Rainbow, fluffy things and sparkles. It's all there!

On the alternative side, something that will perhaps shock you is the 'Harrowed to the Marrow' range of clothing and accessories. Tobacco pouches made from couches and tobacco packets sounds simple,  but edges on darkness as they reflect the horror and humour of the packets and their message, and not taking life too seriously.

Life reflecting art reflecting life.